We are Juwel Box

We at Juwel Box strive to give you an amazing experience with your pick of jewelleries. We handpick our collection to fit the latest trend and design our own collection to offer you the costumized wonders. 

Our values are quality, affordable prices & customer satisfaction.

We started offering sarees and jewels but discovered quickly our main passion; jewels. Therefore we have made a pivot to focus solely on jewels and anything that belongs to that. 

By focusing on a small yet perfected collection we offer you a great choice within the newest trends. 

Let it be your friends’ aunts’ nephews’ wedding or your best friends’ wedding. We have the right collection for you to shine.

Recently we started offering bridal sets. We both offer purchase of full sets or rentals. By doing this we can offer you an easy pick for your whole event while focusing on all the important things.